Elementary is a JavaScript framework for writing functional, declarative audio applications with a high performance, native audio engine. Elementary aims to lower the barrier to entry into the audio application space, eliminate the gap between prototyping and production, and bring the functional reactive programming model to DSP.
Watch the intro video for the full story.
Out of the box, the Elementary engine can run in the browser via the Web Audio target, in an audio plugin using the Plugin Dev Kit target, or on desktop at the command line using the Node.js-based command line target.
For additional flexibility and extensibility, the Elementary engine is also available via the embedded SDK for custom native integrations. The embedded SDK is not yet publicly available, please email [email protected] for details.


To start, you'll first need to install the Elementary npm package:
npm install --save @nick-thompson/elementary
If you're building an app for the browser, then that's it, you're done! If you're building at the command line for a desktop application, see below.

MacOS and Linux

$ curl -fsSL https://www.elementary.audio/install.sh | sh

Windows and Manual Installation

You can also install the appropriate binaries for your platform manually, downloading from the releases page on this repository, and unpacking the zip file to a directory of your choosing.


Here in the examples/ directory you'll find a small set of example projects aiming to provide a brief introduction to various functionality. Each example can be invoked on its own:
$ cd examples/
$ npm install
$ elementary 00_HelloSine/
And of course you can open these example files, poke around, and edit as you like!


Elementary is available for use under either the PolyForm Strict 1.0.0 license, or under the terms of a commercial license, at your choosing. Please see LICENSE.md in the npm package for the full text of the PolyForm Strict 1.0.0 license, and please contact [email protected] to inquire for a commercial license.
For use under the PolyForm Strict 1.0.0 license you must also include a note, "Made with Elementary Audio" either somewhere on the visible part of your application or webpage, or within the documentation.
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